Find Out What Your Favourite Movie Says About You

Whether you like to admit it or not, time and again, you’ll find yourself amidst an all-out movie binge over the weekend. From indulging in rewatching your favorite classic movies to exploring new genres and releases, the sky is the limit while scrolling through Netflix.

Often you’ll spend hours scrolling past multiple options – indecisive and bored – reverting to safe options. We all have a fallback movie that never fails us. A movie that we recommend to everyone!

Even though you might think it’s just a favorite movie, it can reveal a lot about your personality. Find out what your movie choices say about you, or maybe someone around you!


The Marvel Universe

If you enjoy any Marvel movies, from The Avengers to Spiderman, you’re a nerd through and through. Even though you might not show it, your inner child is awake and kicking. You’re likely someone that does a Marvel marathon over the weekend with fellow ‘Marvelites.’

You probably know each protagonist and villain’s name by heart. There’s no debating you on the Marvel universe – you know it all!


Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Ah, the 90s babies are here. You spent your childhood watching Shahrukh Khan say ‘Shava Shava.’ Old Bollywood movies have your heart, and maybe SRK, too. You’re looking for a partner who’ll binge watch your guilty pleasures every weekend with you.

Anyone that tells you they don’t like K3G is likely to get the stink eye from you! We see the judgment.

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Fight Club

You’re a manly man, or so you like to think. We’re sensing that you like to casually throw around the phrase, ‘the first rule of Fight Club is: you don’t talk about Fight Club.’ You’re a hard worker and probably overwork yourself in reality, but you like to rewatch this movie for comfort.

People around you are sick of hearing about how great this movie is!


Hey newbie! You think the Joker is the greatest cinematic masterpiece to exist, but really you haven’t explored the realm of cinema yet. We suspect you’re a trend follower; you caved into the hype when the movie was released, and you went along with the flow.

In reality, you probably haven’t discovered your favorite movie yet, but it’s a safe option to use as a conversation starter.

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3 Idiots

You probably hate school and use the movie as a reference each time your parents force you to do well. Even though you saw the movie ages ago, you remember each dialogue by heart. You’re zoobi doobie-ing through life, care-free and chill.

You’re a laidback person that loves a good time. People envy your personality, and everyone wants to be (you)r friend.


The Imitation Game

You’re one tough cookie, eh? We know you’re smart; everyone knows you’re smart! Mathematics was probably your favorite subject in school. You solve puzzles in your spare time.

This is the movie you tell people about to impress them because you know they’ve likely not understood the concept. You like to leave people guessing what’s going on in that tangled head of yours.

Shutter Island

If this is your favorite movie, you like to think you’re a movie buff. You tell everyone to watch classic movies because ‘they just don’t make them like that anymore.’ And you probably think of yourself as an expert when it comes to movies, slight overconfidence there?

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Oh, and you tell people you don’t have any fears, but maybe the dark does scare you!


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

You’re definitely a strong independent woman who likes to indulge in a good rom-com with her girlfriends over the weekend (or guy friends, we’re not judging). This is the movie that most guys are forced to watch with their partners, but they secretly enjoy it, too!

Most importantly, you’re someone with good taste in chick flicks – this movie is an all-time classic. Just look at Matthew McConaughey’s gorgeous face!


Main Hoon Na

Tell us you’re an army brat without telling us you’re an army brat. You’re a thoroughbred patriot, and for fun, you watch Main Hoon Na. Weddings are your weakness, but you’re scared to commit yourself.

You grew up with a massive crush on Lucky, but now you’re stuck with a type – bad boys with a softcore! If you’re a guy, then you were only watching the movie for Sushmita Sen, and that’s okay, too.


The Hangover

You’re a hardcore comedy fan. Probably married with three kids now, but you’ve had some crazy moments in college. You’re a simple person that enjoys the small moments in life. The people around you have hilarious stories to tell about you that you don’t want to get out.

Overall, you’re a wholesome person that understands the art of comedy and appreciates movies without being too critical. We like you!


Did we get your favorite movie assumptions right? Does anything ring a bell? If not, at least you have a few classic movies to add to your Netflix list for next time!

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