HeatWave In Punjab Puts Pregnant Women At Risk | Here’s What To Do

HeatWave In Punjab Puts Pregnant Women At Risk | Here’s What To Do

Punjab is currently facing an extreme heatwave that is totally unbearable especially during the day. The extremely hot weather is accompanied by a lot of humidity making one feel suffocated and becoming an easy target for sunstrokes and dehydration. The heatwave is extremely dangerous and harmful for people suffering from a medical condition and also puts pregnant women at great risk.

Precautions for pregnant women

Pregnant women need to limit their sun exposure as much as they can amid the extreme hot weather as it can lead to fatigue and dehydration real quick. Every pregnancy is different but generally, a few steps should be taken care of to stay healthy and hydrated during pregnancy.

Liquid intake

Proper water and fluid intake is a must to prevent dehydration. As advised by the doctor, ORS, fruit juices, milk and other liquid supplements along with water should be consumed in good quantity daily to balance sugar levels to keep yourself hydrated, and avoid fatigue. Normally pregnant women are advised to have at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day to avoid the inconvenience accompanied by dehydration

Light fabric clothes

Pregnant women should try to keep them as cool as they can. Wearing light and cool fabric clothes creates room for air to circulate and helps the body breathe and limits sweat to a certain level. Adjustable and loose clothing should be opted for by expecting ladies to avoid suffocation and unease with the growing belly. Try to go out in the evening in order to avoid the scorching heat but in case you’re out and about during the peak hours, try to find a place where there’s a shade, consume liquids from time to time, and carry an umbrella with you.

Exercise routine

Pregnant women should set their exercise routine accordingly amid the hot weather. Doing exercise while being exposed to the extreme heat of the sun can make you sweat excessively, cause shortness of breath due to over exertion and will raise the body temperature to a high level putting your health at risk and making you dehydrate. So maybe try to find a slot early morning or at night to avoid the scorching heat to gain the benefits of exercise while staying cool.

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Food intake

Fruits and vegetables with high water content should be consumed such as watermelon, coconut, oranges, cucumbers etc. Hot items such as caffeine, tea should be avoided as they increase the heart rate and make the body temperature go high which is not healthy in such a condition.

Pregnant women need to very carefully plan their moves amid this heatwave to avoid the risk of baby’s and their own health. Along with this, these ladies should strictly and regularly visit their doctor for safety purposes and take all sorts of precautions to avoid risk factors and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the months.

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