Living in a country with diverse self-expression, culture, language, art, and fashion, our Pakistani lifestyle is influenced by multiple factors. We give you a breakdown of our country’s unique skills and crafts that will improve your lifestyle. From quick DIY projects and recipes to small businesses and local products, you’ll find a compilation of the latest and best talent Pakistan puts forward. In case you’ve been meaning to change up your daily routine, start meditation, or renovate your home, you’ll find lifestyle hacks, tips, and tricks to make life easier.


8 Worrisome Signs To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship

Mental health is more important now than ever before; it impacts every area of our…
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Home Remedies That Are Sure To Shoo Away Migraine

Migraine is one of the most common conditions in the world. Migraine is a medical…
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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Waffle Towels!

In the Mood for Waffles? 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Waffle Towels!

You probably know about the tasty snack called waffles. But what are waffle towels? Made…
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self love

Love Yourself And Be The Reason Of Your Happiness!

In a society where we are told to take care of others first and always…
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7 Phenomenal Remedies To Shoo Away Menstrual Cramps!

7 Phenomenal Remedies To Shoo Away Menstrual Cramps!

We can’t stress over how painful menstrual cramps can be! The intensity of pain is…
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Welcome To the World of The Linen Company-Best Bedsheets Ever!

It’s either too hot or rainy, the weather is just not helping outdoor enthusiasts this…
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lumpy skin disease

Fears Of Cattle Lumpy Skin Disease

The LSD virus, caused by the Capripoxvirus, is an emerging threat to livestock worldwide. It…
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pakistani entertainment news

A Devastating Portrait of Hope Amid Stifling Restraint | Written by Hala Syed

Is hope a means of escape and liberation or does it ensnare you further into…
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sattu drink benefit

6 Reasons To Incorporate Sattu In Your Diet!

Tea is unofficially the national drink of Pakistan, A massive increase of 35.8 percent in…
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new restaurant launch

Aurum Restaurant Inaugurated In A Star Studded Event

Located in the heart of Islamabad, a fine dine Aurum restaurant was inaugurated in F-11…
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Nadia Afgan

Nadia Afgan Opens Her Heart Out

Nadia Afgan is a veteran actor known for her comic role in the Ramzan drama…
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The Father Of The Nation | Abdul Sattar Edhi

Angel of mercy, a great philanthropist and a humanitarian hero are words that suit the…
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