Living in a country with diverse self-expression, culture, language, art, and fashion, our Pakistani lifestyle is influenced by multiple factors. We give you a breakdown of our country’s unique skills and crafts that will improve your lifestyle. From quick DIY projects and recipes to small businesses and local products, you’ll find a compilation of the latest and best talent Pakistan puts forward. In case you’ve been meaning to change up your daily routine, start meditation, or renovate your home, you’ll find lifestyle hacks, tips, and tricks to make life easier.


sheheryar munawar

Sheheryar Munawar’s Stance On Men’s Abuse

Domestic abuse is one of the most growing societal issues. In past, not much attention…
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Historical Places

Top 7 Historical Places To Visit In Pakistan To Revamp Independence Day Spirit!

There are a variety of places in Pakistan that are rich in history and cultural…
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lower the risk of breast cancer

4 Items Rich In Fatty Acids That May Lower The Risk Of Breast Cancer

No single food item can either prevent or cause breast cancer. However, the dietary options…
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Apple Cider Vinegar In Haircare Routine

Here’s Why You Should Include Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Haircare Routine!

Apple Cider Vinegar is a popular condiment that is usually found in every household. It…
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It's Leo Season! Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Leo Sign

It’s Leo Season! Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Leo Sign

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign (July 23 – August 22), represented by the Lion…
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A Beginner’s Guide To Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) is currently one of the world’s most popular health and fitness trends….
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Durex Invisible

Tackling the Hard Stuff With Humor

Durex Pakistan is synonymous with taking current affairs, pop culture, and trending news, then turning…
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‘Tis Mango Season! Delicious Mango Recipes To Try This Season

Mangoes, ‘The King of Fruits’ is also the national fruit of Pakistan and are loved…
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weekend getaway plans

5 Picturesque Places To Consider From Lahore For A Perfect Weekend Getaway!

Amidst the busy routine, one gets bored and looks for a way out. Pakistan is…
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Pikchur TV’s Production ‘Phaatak’ Dives Deep Into The Dark Aspects Of Society

The aim behind launching Pikchur TV is to attract a younger audience who lack representation…
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IDEAS Fragrances

A Scent For Every You By IDEAS Fragrances

Each one of us has that one perfume that is a part of your self-care,…
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Moltyfoam X Mashaadi | Changing The Narrative Of Abusive Marriages

Domestic Violence is a brutal act that defines violence and abuse resulting in sexual, verbal,…
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