SPF For Hair? Here’s Why It Is Important!

Hair SPF

We’ve heard about SPF for the face and lips but have you ever heard about SPF for hair? YES, your hair also requires protection from the sun’s rays. Excessive exposure of the hair to the sun causes damage to their hair for which protection is necessary. Just like it works for skin no matter how many layers of moisturizer, serum, or toners you use on your skin if it does not include SPF, it will not protect you from the UV rays. Similarly, no matter how many products you use on your hair, if it does not include SPF, it won’t be effective. Here’s all you need to know about hair sunscreen.

What is Hair Sunscreen?

Hair sunscreen is a product that is used on the hair to protect the strands from UV rays that may get damaged otherwise. They make the hair less prone to damage and bring them back to life by adding moisture, nourishing them, and making them retain its original color.

Why do you need to protect your hair from UV rays?

Your hair is prone to damage due to excessive exposure to the sun. Some of the reasons why you need to protect your hair from UV rays include dryness. Your hair may become increasingly dry because of greater sun exposure. This makes them break easily when brushed. Secondly, Your hair may become gray way ahead of time. Although it is a part of the aging process and no doubt, it is a beautiful process but excessive sun exposure can cause premature graying of hair.

Another reason to protect your hair from UV rays is that it increases the split ends and makes your hair look rough. With split ends, the ends become dead and hinder the growth of the hair.

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Types of hair sunscreen

Hair sunscreen can be in different forms to apply it over the head. It can be in the form of a powder which can easily be sprinkled over the head. It is a lightweight alternative to creams. Secondly, sunscreen is also in the form of a spray which can be carried anywhere and applied anytime. Other than this, sunscreens are in the form of creams and lotions. Other than this, wearing hats or tying scarves over the head are also effective measures of protecting hair from the harmful UV rays that may damage the strands and hinder the growth of the hair.

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