SPF For Lips? The Skincare Hack That We Were Missing Out On!

spf lips

We have consistently applied SPF on the face to keep the skin protected from sun rays and prevent tanning. Dermatologists also recommend using SPF on the lips to provide sunburn on the lips. Here’s why SPF is equally important for the lips.

Why do lips require SPF?

Like the rest of our body, lips are also susceptible to sun radiations. This means that they are also vulnerable to skin cancer. By applying sunscreen on the lips, harmful Ultraviolet radiation is avoided which reduces the risk of skin cancer and also prevents sunburns.

How much SPF is required for lips?

There is a variety of SPF quantities available in the market such as SPF 15, SPF 50, and SPF 75. One usually applies sunscreen with over SPF 50 on the face. However, for the lips, the required quantity is usually SPF 15 or SPF 30. A lip balm with SPF 15 is able to filter out at least 93% of the harmful ultraviolet radiation while a lip balm with SPF 30 is able to filter out 97% of the rays. Other than this, it also depends on the amount of exposure that one has to the sun, for instance, if you are going out at an outdoor space such as a beach, you should apply lip balm with a higher SPF.

What are the signs of sunburned lips?

Sunburned skin on the rest of the parts of the body feels red, hot, and sensitive. However, sunburned lips look different. In case your lips are sunburned, some of the signs include dry and irritated lips that start to peel off. Other than this, swollen lips and blisters on the lips are also common signs of sunburned lips. Although we don’t seem to notice much but lips burn much faster than the body.

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How to treat Sunburned lips?

If you experience sunburn on the lips, some of the remedies include cold compresses to reduce the hot feeling on the lips. Moreover, aloe vera gel is also one of the effective remedies to relieve sunburn on the lips. Moisturizers are also effective in soothing the lips and healing the skin on the lips. Other than this, people who have sunburned lips should show extra protection and reapply sunscreen, again and again, to provide extra protection to the lips. Wearing an SPF lip balm at all times is the best way to provide protection to the lips and will prevent you from experiencing sunburn on the lips.

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