Hair Care After 40: Do These 5 Things!

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Hair usually demands a lot of attention and care to maintain its original texture and smoothness. However as time passes by, one’s hectic routine does not leave enough time for self-care, and adulting itself brings a lot of other factors like hair loss, hormonal changes, and sometimes medical conditions too that affect the health of hair a lot. Here are five steps that can be followed to prevent further hair damage.

Hydration is the key

As we’ve always heard drinking a good amount of water can do wonders for your skin, the same applies to hair too. Water works as a moisturizer for the hair, the more you keep yourself hydrated, it will help your skin maintain its texture make it smoother, and prevent growth retention to a certain limit. Moreover, one should opt for hydrating shampoos that include ingredients like argan oil, avocado oil, and olive oil in their formula as it will help maintain the moisture of hair.

Over-washing should be avoided

With age, one might be eager to increase their hair wash days given the excess dryness, dandruff, or loss of texture one is facing, however, it’ll only make things worse. The reason is that with age, the amount of oil our skin produces reduces so overwashing and using shampoo on a more regular basis can lead to further loss of natural oil from the scalp making the hair look duller and will also promote hair loss.

Consider styling choices

Be more gentle and soft with your hair. Avoid bleaching or dying your hair as using harsh chemicals after a certain age can further worsen the hair condition and make it lose its somewhat original texture. Along with that, excessive heat styling damages the hair a lot, as unnecessary heat worsens hair texture and leads to hair loss, so products like curling irons, straightners, and blow dryers should be avoided. Let the hair breathe and dry on its own.

Consider Hair Supplements

As we age, many factors like medical conditions, iron deficiency, and reduced oil and collagen production contribute negatively to our skin and hair health. One should visit their doctor and according to what suits them best should opt for multivitamins that will help with overall wellness of the body and also strengthen hair growth. Hair supplements can also be opted for example biotin and folic acid supplements help with hair loss treatment.

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Well Balanced diet

Unhealthy food habits and lack of certain nutrient intake contribute to hair loss. One should opt for and add such products and food items to their diet that are rich in zinc, iron, and protein and provide sufficient amounts of vitamins like vitamin C  and E e.g citrus fruits, avocado, almonds, lentils, etc as they help improve internal health as well as nourish the hair.

With age, our body goes through a lot of changes. So ensuring a healthy lifestyle and making the right choices can help one with the overall wellness of their body including hair.

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