Biggest Beauty Faux Pas | Sleeping With A Baked Face Full Of Makeup

Often you’re too lazy to remove the stubborn waterproof mascara or the heavy layer of foundation and powder before heading off to sleep. While it might seem like the easiest route to take, it’s actually terrible for your poor skin that has to suffer the consequences.

We’ll run you through a few important reasons why it’s essential that you properly remove your makeup at night.

Waking Up with Texture

Trust us, one good night’s rest in makeup and you’ll wake up horrified – and with a stained pillowcase! The night time is a crucial period for your skin to repair damaged or dead cells, and rejuvenate itself. If your skin is covered with a thick layer of makeup blocking the pores, the process is deterred. You’re likely to wake up with textured and bumpy skin, which looks dull and dry.

Emergence of Acne

Unfortunately, the dreaded acne is likely to spring up if you sleep in your makeup. It clogs your pores, and overnight it can do enough damage to create under the skin pimples and bumps. If you make a habit out of not removing makeup, it can turn into full blown acne, which is a headache to get rid of.

Disrupts Skin Care Routine

Going to sleep in makeup means that you’ve skipped over not just washing your face, but adequately moisturizing and hydrating it before heading to bed. All the progress your night time rotuine might have made will all go to waste with just one day of breaking the cycle.

Rescue Your Skin

If you want to avoid aging your skin more than it’s years and keep it hydrated, you need an excellent makeup remover. Whether you’ve got stubborn makeup that refuses to budge, or you’ve not yet found the right match, we’ve got you covered.

Get your hands on the tried and tested alcohol-free Amrij Instant Makeup Remover that can stand the test of time against all makeup products.

See Also

It’s a great addition to your makeup arsenal – one swipe and all your makeup will easily wipe off so you can head to bed without wasting time! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s gentle on your skin and removes makeup without drying out your face.



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