breast cancer awareness month

Pinktober: Let’s Do Breast Cancer Awareness Month Right!

Every year in October, people worldwide come out to support breast cancer patients and survivors….
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men at high risk of cancer

Men At A Higher Risk Of Cancer Than Women! Here’s Why

Research says that men face a higher risk of cancer than women. According to the…
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lower the risk of breast cancer

4 Items Rich In Fatty Acids That May Lower The Risk Of Breast Cancer

No single food item can either prevent or cause breast cancer. However, the dietary options…
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Four Zodiac Signs Who Apologize After An Argument

Arguments and fights are a natural part of friendships and relationships. However, what matters the…
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BBC breast cancer

Supreme Court Takes Notice Of Alarming Rise In Breast Cancer Cases, Orders Emergency Response

The situation is unfolding unto catastrophe with a new breast cancer patient every 13 minutes….
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