Pinktober: Let’s Do Breast Cancer Awareness Month Right!

breast cancer awareness month

Every year in October, people worldwide come out to support breast cancer patients and survivors. Approximately, 1 out of 9 women is diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. It is certainly a good step to recognize the importance of creating awareness about breast cancer detection. But merely, just turning the building and everything pink in October is not just enough. There is still a huge population in Pakistan which is not aware of it and doesn’t get treated on time.

breast Cancer

There is no certain age or time when a person develops breast cancer. Breast cancer occurs when cells within the breast tissue grow abnormally, and a lump develops. It is very imperative to create awareness among women in our country regarding breast cancer. Mostly, women living in remote areas don’t have much knowledge about it and even if they feel a lump in their breasts they tend to ignore it due to several reasons. This is a very important topic to discuss and create awareness rather than shying away from it. Effective campaigns with a clear message must be executed in a well-thought manner so that the message reaches the whole population.


Women on regular basis must do a self-examination of their breasts and see if they feel any kind of abnormality. Use your right hand to examine the left breast and your left hand to examine the right breast. Now gently move your fingers flat and in a circular motion to see if there is a lump, knot, or thickening.

self-examination of breasts

Stand in front of a mirror and see if there is any kind of change in the breast’s size, texture, or color. Use light and then firm pressure. If you notice any sort of discharge then immediately consult a doctor. Do the same procedure by raising your arms. If you feel any kind of bump or lump then don’t panic. Most of the time the lumps are benign and are caused due to hormonal changes.

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Make the self-examination a routine. The more you examine your breasts, the more you will get familiar with the way they look or feel, and the easier it will become for you to tell if something has changed. Ignorance and neglect can be fatal.

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