Pakistanis Love Jeremy McLellan and Here’s Why!

Is he an American? Oh yes, but he’s a Pakistani at heart. From his Pindi boy jokes to throwing shade at India and of course, calling Imran Khan “abbu”, here are all the tweets that made us fall in love with this American comedian who calls himself the “US Ambassador to Pindi Boyz:

But before we do, can we appreciate this AWW-DORABLE photo of him with his baby. If this isn’t enough to make you love him, keep reading!

And of course, our mutual love for Indian PM Modi, haha!

And to him celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day in truly Pakistani style – wearing green and hovering out of cars, haha!

To always being a voice of interfaith harmony and love!

Did you think you were the only ones throwing shade at Lahori biryani being served with donkey meat? Jeremy McLellan keeps himself updated with all things Pakistan (unfortunately even the really bad ones, haha!).

And of course, jokingly calling PM Imran Khan “Abbu” – if anyone can, it’s definitely our McLellan boy!

And when the spiritual leader of the Muslim Shia world tweeted about the significance of Jesus Christ, he was quick to jump in and play up some sectarian humour (all in good fun!)

And if you thought he wouldn’t take an opportunity to holler at DG ISPR, well, think again. He definitely will.

What can we say – even Google Maps fail us here!

Here’s hoping this right path leads this amazing comedian back to Pakistan soon. We promise to serve up some delicious Lahori biryani (not the donkey kind, haha!).

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