Keeping it Cinematic! : Top Wedding Cinematographers Who Are Killing It

The current pandemic has brought big fat weddings to a temporary halt – but one thing that never changes in the need for an amazing cinematographer. So if you haven’t booked your wedding cinematographer yet – this list is just what you need! Get ready to flaunt some amazing pictures and videos with these magicians (with a lens):

1.Yratta Media

Blurring the line between a short film, and a wedding video, Yratta Media truly knows how to put the cinematic in, Cinematic Film with an extensively diverse wedding portfolio. Their work is experimental in nature, as the films dare explore feelings of loss, separation, and even death, all while journeying the viewer into pure unbridled happiness. The magic in exploring individual narratives of the couple is what’s setting this team apart from the rest. Innovative, Super emotional, and super fun.

2.The Videographers

Veterans of the game, and can quite possibly be credited with pioneering the wedding highlight genre in Pakistan, The Videographers have done it all. The slow cinematic feel that has become their signature strikes a chord with the viewer every time. What sets their work apart from everyone else on this list, is their extensive portfolio of lighthearted wedding films.

3.The Wedding Story Films

This Karachi based company has set a trend of sorts, by making effortless videos that capture the happiness of the bride, and beautiful shots from your event weaved into a very candid video. Their portfolio is evident of their short, beautiful expression, that summarizes the wedding day with its true candour.

4.Fatima Tariq Photography

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Fatima Tariq, the karachi based photographer with sentimental and beautiful wedding videos, stands out with presenting a scene by scene focus on the bride, edited over beautiful music. The videos of mostly close ups, and midshots gives the viewer time to pay attention to the emotions of the couples up close while enjoying the music she’s selected to appropriately accompany it.

5.Faraz Mirza Weddings

Faraz Mirza’s videos have a uniqueness to their vibes with the color grading, and selection of music, to how the videos progresses. Faraz Mirza does some excellent shots, and candid coverage of the couple making it seem like the right memento for your big day.

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