Intimate Scenes With Faisal Rehman Are Challenging: Hina Altaf Opens Up

Hina Altaf, apart from being a splendid actress, has never been one to back down from questions of hard truths. During an appearance on talk show ‘To Be Honest’ hosted by Tabish Hashmir, the actress revealed who her favourite co star is when it comes to filming intimate scenes. While she named Emmad Irfani as her favourite, the Udaari star also went on to express her displeasure with actor Faisal Rehman’s conduct during romantic scenes.

“I’ve done a romantic scene with Emmad Irfani and I got carried away. With Faisal Rehman , romantic scenes tend to be challenging . Yahan ungli pakarni hogee, woh banda hath pakr lega .I have to keep my guard on always. I even scared him once by saying ‘Me Too’. After this he kept his distance,” the actor laughed.

This is not surprising, considering the fact that Faisal Rehman himself labelled himself as a ‘dirty old man’. When asked about what character of his he relates to the most, the actor said ‘I think Gumrah, because I think I am a dirty old man. It comes through my face. It isn’t a bad thing at all, it is a great thing. I mean, the world is getting smaller, and people want to have fun,”

In drama serial Gumrah, Faisal Rehman plays a married father who falls in love with his daughters much younger best friend.

Hina Altaf also revealed Aamir Liaquat spits when he talks, and Muneeb Butt has an air of arrogance despite being a low brow actor.

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Faisal Rehman has yet to respond to Hina Altaf’s allegations.


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