Meray Pass Tum Ho Just Had the Most Predictable End

Like all Khalil ur Rehman shows, this one couldn’t possibly have a happy ending either! And like our prediction already said, Danish dies in the show. Looking back at the way Khalil ur Rehman’s writings go, and his OBVIOUS prejudice against women, it was expected that he needed to immortalise Mehwish’s guilt. And what better way than Danish having a heart attack from a LITERAL broken heart after meeting his former wife.

But there are a few things that we don’t understand. WHY WAS THIS NECESSARY? We don’t demand a happy ending – we’re just saying that a more pleasant ending could have been reached. Also, how is a child allowed to enter an operation theater? and HOW is the child allowed to remove his mask INSIDE the operation theater? And who talks THIS long during a heart attack? Also, how is the operation theater so gloomy and dark? From all we know – it has to be lit up brighter than a banquet hall. Maybe that’s what should be the REAL reason behind Danish’s death instead of a broken heart!

Moreover, WHEN does the doctor actually listen to the patient when he wants to remove his oxygen mask? We bet it’s because he said “please”. Our moms always did tell us that was the key to getting anyone to do anything for you, haha!

Also, the dialogues did seem a bit of a stretch. I mean, we’re all for the sentiment, but this did seem a little overdone.Not to take away from the betrayal he felt, but we’ve been hearing the man wail over this for the last 10 episodes of more. And the dialogues, at a 2 hour stretch, seemed like a bit of an overdose. Seems like Khalil ur Rehman really did everything he could, used every trick in the book, to make sure that the crowd wails and cries over the demise of Danish. Unfortunately, we for one, were more than prepared for it. And some of us, actually had gotten somewhat bored of the show. Did it get dragged on for too long? Maybe. Or maybe everyone expected him to forgive her in the end. I mean…that is what a woman would normally do in all these Pakistani dramas.

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We’re not too happy with the ending. What do you think about it?

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