Hired Rickshaw Driver Allegedly Rapes 6 Year Old Girl in Gujranwala

In harrowing news, a rickshaw driver hired for pick-and-drop services for a school girl, allegedly raped her on the way home in Gujranwala’s Tatle Ali area, police confirmed on Monday. The suspect has been arrested and is now in custody.

According to the police, the alleged pedophile confessed to raping the six-year-old.

In a separate incident in Santpura district, Sheikhupura, a man selling baby chicks from his cycle attempted to sexually assault a 14 year old girl. The man broke into the girl’s home but was caught by neighbours after the teenaged girl screamed for help, said the police.

Both cases are being investigated separately, police confirmed. We hope the alleged child mollesters are given the most severe capital punishment. It is about time such monsters are made an example of and strict action is taken against them.

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Will our children ever be safe? What are some measures the government can take in order to curb the rate of child related cases reported in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below.

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