Here’s Your Guide To Treat Anxiety Without Medication!

anxiety treatment at home

Anxiety is one of the common mental health challenges that our youth faces these days. There is no particular age to get anxiety disorder but it is more commonly observed in the youth these days. The easiest solution seen for anxiety treatment is to take medications and immediately feel better however, not everyone is comfortable taking medications and there is nothing wrong with it. There are other alternatives for anxiety treatment at home that can be used to treat depression and anxiety without medication and make certain lifestyle and dietary challenges. Here’s your complete guide to treating anxiety without medication!

depression and anxiety


One of the best alternatives is to work out and exert oneself. It is the ideal strategy that allows one to release all the negative energy and manage symptoms of anxiety. It is not necessary that one must indulge in heavy workouts and exercise in order to feel better but some sort of exercise, be it walking or jogging can also make you feel better!

anxiety treatment at home

Dietary Changes

Another positive change that one can bring about is some of the dietary changes that can be made. One such change is to reduce caffeine intake and manage the time when it is consumed. It must not be consumed after evening as it would boost your energy level, making you restless. It can also induce an anxiety attack therefore, such activities must be monitored. In order to fill the need, one can always add some decaffeinated beverages in the diet such as herbal tea.

dietry changes for anxiety

Other than this, one should also monitor if their anxiety worsens after certain types of food and should then avoid consuming them in excess. This would help in social anxiety treatment at home. Moreover, another dietary change is to not skip meals because it would lower the sugar level that releases a stress hormone and can make the anxiety worsen.

Sleep Schedule

Another lifestyle change that can be brought about for anxiety treatment at home is that a sleep schedule should be set. One must decide a bedtime and ensure that they comply with that everyday. It allows one to sleep and wakeup on time which has positive health consequences. Moreover, it also prevents one from overthinking over the night. Insomnia makes you more susceptible to anxiety so the first step towards anxiety treatment is to set a sleep schedule.

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anxiety treatment at home

Social Support System

One must always have a strong support system that they can turn to incase of any challenge. This helps to boost your confidence as there is someone who would listen to your worries and problems. Support from friends and loved ones prevents anxiety and reduces stress.

anxiety treatment at home

Enjoy every moment

There are lots of worries for everyone. Be it financial problems, work commitments, family issues or health complications, one must live in the present moment and collect all the happiness. Thinking about problems all the time adds to stress and makes it harder to prevent anxiety. Therefore, to start anxiety treatment, one must start from living and enjoying every moment so they have a lot of happiness and memories to collect!

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