Sehri Tips To Keep You Hydrated Throughout The Day


One can control his hunger but staying away from water is the actual challenge, especially in this hot weather. This Ramadan, keep yourself hydrated with 101 tips and tricks. This year Ramadan is starting in the first week of April which is a really hot month and one of the most common problems faced during the fast would be dehydration. Sunday Editors has listed down the food items that you should be consuming at Sehri time to smoothen the fasting practice.

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Drink Enough Water

A simple yet obvious rule to stay hydrated during the fast is to drink enough water. We have a habit of getting done with sehri at the last hour only seconds before Azaan. And at the last moment, we start filling ourselves with as much water as we can. It is not a healthy practice. The tip is to drink gradually and at intervals rather than chugging it all at once. Drinking around a liter or 2 liters of water all at once can cause bloating make you feel sick throughout the day.

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Yogurt Is The Key

Even a few spoons of yogurt at Sehri can do wonders. Having yogurt at the end of your Sehri meal can prevent acidity and helps soothe your stomach which consequently prevents you from getting dehydrated. It helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body and in the digestion of food. For years now people have been relying on yogurt to curb their thirst. Having yogurt is a foolproof tip for Ramadan.

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Drink A Glass Of Lassi

Drinking lassi can also be beneficial as it will soothe the stomach and keep you hydrated all day long. From salty to sweet you can have many variations in lassiIt also helps with bloating. Including lassi in your daily diet can do wonders for your immune system as it is a rich source of lactic acid and Vitamin D, which can boost the immune system to a great extent.

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Water Rich Fruits/Vegetables

Adding fruits that are rich in water content will help you stay healthy as well as keep you hydrated throughout your day. Add cucumbers, tomatoes, oranges, watermelon to your Sehri menu. Instead of eating hot and spicy food you should replace it with water-rich vegetables and fruits and keep your diet light. Having heavy and spicy food like pickles and savory dishes will increase your thirst.

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Dates Are Not Just For Iftar

Dates are a perfect source of nutrients and are essential for your body. They must not only be taken at Iftar, however, having dates at Sehri will provide fuel to your body as these are packed with whole lots of nutrients and vitamins. To keep going and survive the day, adding 4-5 dates in your Sehri meal will be beneficial.


We often tend to skip Sehri and our body automatically relies on the last meal we had consumed. Skipping Sehri or eating savory, spicy food is definitely not a wise decision. Follow these simple and obvious rules to make through your day with good energy during Ramadan.



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