Stunning Home Decor Ideas That Will Make You Want to Redecorate ASAP

Spring is in full bloom, and summer is only a stone’s throw away. The days are getting longer and brighter, and we think it’s time to give your living space a sunny makeover! You don’t always have to bend over backwards and drop large sums of money on home decor to spruce up your space.


We’re showing you beginner-friendly DIY hacks, home decor inspiration, and interior design ideas that can help you get in the summer spirit.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Do you live in an apartment? Is your space feeling cramped? Even if you answered no to these questions, a mirror is a great home decor asset that gives the illusion of your space being larger than it really is. Go for a luxurious and roomy look in the summertime with loads of big mirrors on your walls.

You don’t need anything fancy or pricey either; invest in a basic mirror from local stores and get it framed. It’ll almost be like a new room, altogether!


Marigold Mustards

At the risk of sounding cliche, we think mustard and warm-toned gold hues are the ultimate shade for your walls this season. How can you resist the charm of a bright and welcoming yellow?

The sunlight will bounce off your walls during the day, magnified and vibrant. It’s a great color option for living spaces, where you’ll feel the radiance and glow every time you walk in!


Rustle Your Green Thumb

Plants – can’t keep them alive, but can’t live without them, either. If you’ve got the force of the green thumb within you, bring your plants into your home. Indoor plants like the Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, and Monstera work great for purifying the air and providing oxygen.

If you’re really bad with upkeep, go for succulents! They’re great for the kitchen window sill, bathroom counter, or study table. Even then, if you refuse to be in charge of a living being, your best bet is fake plants and loads of them!


Get Your DIY Hat On

If you’re in the spirits to get your hands dirty and change up the look of your bedroom, we have just the thing. Change the look of your bed frame without spending a lot on getting a new one made – fake it till you make it!

DIY paint headboards are all the rage for home decor ideas in 2022. All you need to do is pick out your favourite color, grab a brush, and paint your desired shape behind your headboard. You can even create paint arches to mimic the look of an alcove or niche!


Raid Your Mother’s Collection

2022 home decor is about repurposing vintage items and breathing new life into used and forgotten interior pieces. How many of us have an old unused armchair? Or, a long lost chest that held your mother’s ‘jahaiz‘? You’ll find all the pieces in your family without having to spend a lot!

These old but bold pieces can serve as a statement piece, especially ideal for a living room or foyer. They’re a great conversation starter and a thoughtful way to keep your family heirlooms alive through your space.

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 Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose

In our mission to create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle, it’s important to keep home decor in mind, too! Wooden crates are the most commonly found and discarded items in Pakistan; from fruit vendors to transport services, you’ll find them in abundance at the scrap market.

A fresh coat of spray paint, and you’ve got yourself additional storage. Turn your home into a rustic yet cool looking space with zero costs to the planet!



Ready, get set, go! Get started with these home decor hacks that are easy on the labour and pocket! We’re excited to see what ideas you guys come up with.

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