Henna Color | 8 Phenomenal Hacks To Get A Darker Henna Stain, This Eid!


Who does not love applying henna on Eid? It is a tradition that is continuing for years as women apply henna, buy new clothes and bangles to celebrate the festivities of Eid. The occasion is a special one and it must be celebrated in a special way. This blessed day is all about dressing up and spending quality time with your family. Application of henna is an integral part in the lives of women especially on Eid. After selecting the henna designs, it is important to ensure that the henna leaves a darker stain! Henna looks ten times more beautiful with a darker stain that all of us desire. We as kids used to believe that the longer the henna stays, the darker the color will be. Let’s find out how true it is and some of the other hacks to get the henna color of your dreams!

Staying overnight

One of the most common hacks is to invest in the hours by letting henna stay on hands for as long as you can keep it, preferably overnight. Even if the henna dries, just let it stay over on the hands to get the desirable color. If the henna dries, you can bandage your hands to avoid the dry crumbles from falling off on the bed throughout the night.

Fumes of cloves

Another common hack for getting a darker henna color is to dry your hands over fumes of cloves. By taking some cloves in the pan and let them heat. Then, dry your hands over the pan for them to soak the fumes coming out of the heated cloves. Hold your hands over the pan for as long as you can keep this. This helps in locking the color of henna for a longer time and also producing a darker henna stain that you wish to see. These fumes of cloves make the upper layer of henna darker and letting you achieve the color that you wish to get.

Wrap it up

One of the other hacks for a darker henna stain is to let the henna on the hands or feet dry and then wrap it up completely with a thin plastic sheet. It can also be wrapped up by gloves. This is one of the effective ways to produce a darker henna color as wrapping it up or wearing gloves produces heat. It is because of this heat that the stain tends to get darker. Make sure you wrap it up completely. This will also not allow the crumbling pieces of dry henna fall.

Sugar and lemon juice

Another common way to get a darker henna stain is to make a mixture of sugar and lemon juice. It is then applied on the hands or feet after henna has been completely dried. The mixture is then gently tapped with a cotton ball to let the henna soak the mixture. Without a doubt, this is one of the most effective techniques to darken the henna color but make sure that you do not apply too much juice. One possibility is that applying too much lemon juice may end up lightening the color. Therefore, one must be cautious before applying the mixture as it is important to take care of the quantity being applied.

Vicks hack

One of the common hacks to get a darker henna stain is to apply vicks. The method is to let the henna dry out completely first. Then, rub your hands together so that the crumbled pieces scrap out gently. After that, apply some vicks or pickle oil on the hands and let it stay for a while. It is also one of the techniques to get a darker stain that you always wished to achieve.

Avoiding water

Another common hack is to avoid water touch your hands with henna for the first few hours of applying it, ideally 24 hours. However, it may not be possible to stay away from water for 24 hours so avoid it for as long as possible. This is because water would wash off the upper layer of henna. As a result, the color of the henna would not penetrate into the skin. Therefore, in order to get a darker stain, avoid water for a few hours so that the color of henna penetrates easily.

No Waxing and Manicure/Pedicure

Treatments like waxing and getting manicure and pedicure done after henna can be risky as it will scrap the top layer of the henna resulting in a lighter shade. If you wish to get these treatments, get them before applying henna. Let the application of henna be the last task so that it gives a darker stain and stays till the desirable function.

See Also

Choosing the right henna

There are a range of henna available in the market. Some are full of chemical which immediately result in a burning feeling after applying. These are extremely harmful for your skin as they leave burn marks which are harder to remove. Moreover, there are some henna in the market that have a very light color naturally, no matter what you do to darken it. Therefore, it is important to check the henna stain before buying it and applying.

Mustard oil

One of the hacks to get a darker henna stain is to apply mustard oil for better results. Other than vicks or pickle oil, mustard oil is also an effective formula that will darken the color of your henna and also, let it stay for longer.

These are some of the hacks that will help you darken the henna stain and let it stay for longer. Some other tips that must be followed include that after applying henna, hands should not be washed too frequently with soap and hand wash as it would lighten the color. Moreover, be careful of when to apply the henna. It must be applied a short time before the event that is Eid rather than applying it a long way back so by the time, the event arrives, the color fades. Moreover, to dry the henna, let it dry out naturally rather than using a fan or a blow dryer. This may risk the design of henna as while drying out, the design may smudge ruining all the patterns. This may also affect the color. With Eid around the corner, follow these miraculous hacks to get the henna color of your dreams! Choose the best henna design and let your hands look even more beautiful this Eid.

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