Top 10 Pakistani Clothing Brands Designers That Are Ruling Fashion Industry

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Are you a fashion lover looking for some fantastic Pakistani clothing brands? If yes, you are the luckiest to land on this page! So read on and instantly get what you are searching for.

Pakistan is a beautiful landmark where we have four seasons. Every season has its charm and clothing requirements. As Pakistanis, we love preparing our wardrobes for the coming season. We also have another season in addition to these four. That fifth one is wedding season, which is of utmost significance when looking for formal wedding clothing brands.

Whether you want ready-to-wear outfits or an unstitched collection, here we have the top 10 Women’s Clothing Brands that will fulfill all your clothing needs. These are the Best Clothing Brands in Pakistan, and you will love wearing them!

Let’s have a deep insight into the Best Clothing Brands in Pakistan!

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HSY – Hassan Shahryar Yaseen

HSY is a big name in the fashion industry for sure. You might have heard this name and seen this renowned personality on your television screens. Well, you got the right man in your mind! It’s HSY-The initials for the title of Hassan Shahryar Yasin.

HSY is one of the very initial Clothing Brands in Pakistan that emerged in early 2000. The inspiration behind HSY designs is to create masterpieces by emerging traditional and intricate working techniques with contemporary and modern designs.

His timeless designs of Pakistani Bridal Dresses speak for every generation. You will love the fabric and design once you wear the HSY ensemble.

Product Categories

Here is what HSY offers.

  • Women formal wear
  • Men’s formal wear
  • Women bridal collection
  • Men’s wedding wear

Price and affordability

Well, not everyone can afford to wear the HSY ensemble. Unfortunately, the sky-high prices of HSY articles specify them for the upper class, and the brand is not within reach of mediocre and middle-class peeps.


HSY has multiple outlets. Be it in Karachi, Lahore, or Faisalabad; you will easily find an HSY outlet near you.


Maria b.

When talking about the rulers of the fashion industry, how can we forget to mention the name of Maria B. Maria B. is one of the women’s clothing brands in Pakistan with a fantastic luxury collection.

Maria b. is such a big name in the fashion industry that everyone knows her. The reason is her timeless bridal dress designs. Maria b. has earned this reputation with a lot of hard work and excellent customer service.

Product Categories

The more you explore her products, the more you praise her brand. So here is what she has in her brand.

  • Wedding formals
  • Evening wear
  • Bridal wear
  • Casuals
  • Unstitch

Prices and affordability

The prices are a little bit higher but not too high to afford.


Many outlets of Maria B. have opened in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and other cities in Pakistan.

Maria B

Rj’s Pret

Rj’s Pret has transformed itself into a fashion powerhouse. With carefully curated collections of casual, contemporary, formal, and bridal clothing, RJ’s Pret has something for every aesthetic and budget. The company’s success through great design, best quality, and excellent customer service has culminated in the launch of its bridal collection inspired by the regal tones and glittering elements of traditional Pakistani luxury and shoot done by our very own diva Yumna Zaidi.

With its UK & Pakistan-based offices, It can cater needs of local as well as clients worldwide. COD is available in addition to secure credit card payments through STRIPE, PayPal & dresses in installment via Klarna, Qisst Pay & Sezzle, etc.

RJ’s pret website offers a customer-friendly interface so users can easily place online orders with the comfort of there homes.

Product Categories

You are thinking about what types of dresses you will find on RJ’s pret, which is one of the best Clothing Brands in Pakistan? Here is the answer!

RJ’s pret has made its name in the fashion industry with its remarkable designs. And their happy customers are a sign of their success. As far as Pakistani Wedding Dresses are concerned, RJ’s pret ranks the list of designers offering the best Bridal and formal dresses for Weddings, Mehndi, Walima, and other festivities, live Eid, parties, etc. Moreover, its clothes have been worn by celebrities like Ayeza Khan, Noor Zafar Khan, Laraib Rahim, Saboor Aly, Ramsha Khan, Hermaine Khan & Kinza Hashmi.

Price and affordability

This brand has been on the list of favorite Clothing Brands in Pakistan for women. You can get the most amazing dresses from RJ’s pret at quite reasonable prices.



Sana Safinaz

Who is unaware of the collaboration of the two girls in the fashion industry that resulted in a renowned brand called Sana Safinaz? It is one of the best Women’s Clothing Brands that girls love to wear. The chic designs take every woman’s heart who loves to make a style statement.

They started serving this country in 1989, and now look at their big name. They offer a tremendous variety of dresses. You can also find Bridal Dresses for Weddings.

Product Categories

What’s in Sana Safinaz for you?

  • Ready to wear
  • Unstitch
  • Bottom
  • Bridal Couture

Their award-winning performance in the fashion industry has led them to many international and national awards. It is one of the most breathtaking Women’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan.

Price and affordability

The best thing about Sana Safinaz is that their prices are relatively lower than other designers. The brand is within reach of common people and offers sales and discounts many times a year. Pakistanis love to grab items from discounts, and here comes the opportunity for everyone to wear this fabulous fashion brand.


The network has become bigger and bigger every year, with too many brand outlets in different cities of Pakistan.

Sana Safinaz

Nomi Ansari

Next on our list of the top 10 Clothing Brands in Pakistan is Nomi Ansari who is an inspiring stylist and designer of the present era. Nomi Ansari has always offered stunning designs to the fashion industry, and his contribution to the fashion era is notable.

You will notice different celebrities wearing Nomi Ansari at weddings and other functions. It is one of the best Pakistani Clothing Brands that offer you some inspirational Pakistani Bridal Dresses.


Product Categories

What is the reason Nomi Ansari is a big name? Of course, his unique formal and bridal pieces are the main reason for this. Here is what his brand offers!

  • Wedding wear collection
  • Bridal dresses for wedding
  • Menswear
  • Luxury pret or formal wear

Prices and affordability

Nomi Ansari’s designs are heavily worked and embellished. Therefore, you have to pay sky-high prices to wear these dresses.

Nomi Ansari

Gul Ahmed

It has been decades since Gul Ahmed started ruling the fashion industry. Giving you some serious fashion ideas for life, Gul Ahmed is working hard in different categories.

It is one of the biggest Women’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan, with a diverse variety of products. From stitched articles to unstitched items, home accessories to men’s wear, and sweaters to luxury and royal collections, Gul Ahmed has everything for you.

Once you open their website, you will be overwhelmed by looking at the several product categories. This brand is one of the oldest women’s clothing brands in Pakistan, which has built a great relationship with its customers.

Product Categories

What are the product categories Gul Ahmed offer? Well, the list is never ending but let me mention some of them here!

  • Women Ready to wear dresses
  • Women Unstitch collection
  • Khaas collection
  • Luxury pret
  • Sweaters and jackets for women
  • Men’s shalwar kameez (stitched and unstitched)
  • Men’s loungewear
  • Home Accessories
  • Men’s western
  • Footwear

Prices and affordability

Gul Ahmed is super affordable to everyone. They offer amazing discounts on their products, and you can easily afford to wear fabulous outfits.


This brand has been working for ages. Gul Ahmed has more than 100 outlets all over Pakistan. Such an expanded network all around!


Next comes Khaadi, one of the amazing Clothing Brands in Pakistan loved by every woman. Khaadi is a big name in the fashion industry, having breathtakingly beautiful designs.

It started in 1998, and the brand earned a strong market reputation. It is one of the Women’s Clothing Brands known for its best-unstitched collection.

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Product Categories

What does Khaadi offer you? Here are the main categories!

  • Khadi Reay to Wear
  • Khadi Unstitched
  • Khaadi Khaas
  • Khadi Home
  • Khaadi accessories

Prices and affordability

The prices of khadi are so budget friendly that they will never dig a hole in your pocket. Therefore, you will always find Khadi items lying in your budget.


Khadi opened its store in Karachi first. In a very little time, it achieved a big name in the fashion industry, winning the hearts of everyone. It now has so many outlets all over Pakistan that you can’t even count on your fingertips.



The other one we have on the list of best Clothing Brands in Pakistan is Sapphire, a supreme collection of prodigious designs and pure fabric. The Sapphire brand is all about chic designs and having pride in fashion.

The fabric is super comfortable. Whether a fusion top or a traditional pishwas, sapphire has everything for you. Its fantastic collection makes Sapphire one of the Best Clothing Brands in Pakistan.

Product Categories

Here are the categories you will find on sapphire!

  • Unstitch
  • Stitched
  • Luxury Pret
  • Sapphire Home
  • Fragrances
  • Accessories
  • Footwear

Prices and affordability

Prices are neither too high nor too low. Therefore, you can shop from sapphire with a mediocre amount of money in your hand.


Sapphire has opened so many outlets in Pakistan. So it’s not difficult to spot a Sapphire store in your city.



  1. was founded by Junaid Jamshed, who was not only a religious scholar but also a famous personality. The brand got many benefits from its founder’s name. The people had blind trust in the name and shopped for this brand immediately after it opened.

Well, the brand settled things well at its end and never failed to satisfy its customers. J. has a large base of loyal customers, which is the brand’s strength and proof of the brand’s success.

  1. is one of the credible Women’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan. Not only are their clothes great, but also their makeup products and fragrances are winning the hearts of everyone.

Product Categories

This brand incorporates diverse nature of products. It is one of the very few Women’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan that have launched separate collections for kids and teens. So, in short, they have three categories of collections depending on age. Women, teens, and kids.

Here are the things you will easily find at J.

  • Women Unstitched collection
  • Women stitched Kurti collection
  • Women Kurti
  • Men Shalwar Kameez
  • teens
  • kids
  • fragrances
  • Cosmetics

Prices and affordability

The brand offers affordable products to its customers. You’ll love to shop at this brand because of its reasonable prices.


The outlets are open nationally and internationally. Therefore, many overseas Pakistanis wear J. because of many successful international outlets.

Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan focuses on wearing history with your personality. It would not be wrong to say that this brand lets you be what you are. You can see the lovely natural charm in her designs.

The cultural and traditional touch in Zara Shahjahan’s designs is inspiring.

This brand is one of the premium Clothing Brands in Pakistan. Here is what you will find at her brand.

  • Unstitch
  • Basic pret
  • Formals
  • Luxury pret
  • Pakistani Wedding Dresses
  • Bridal Dresses for Weddings

Prices and affordability

The prices are a bit higher but still affordable for so many people.


Not too many outlets, but a big online store of Zara Shahjahan is there to serve you.


I hope you got an idea of the best Pakistani Clothing Brands after reading this blog post. The fashion industry is full of great designers and brands that make your clothing experience worth remembering. Every brand comes with pros and cons. Some brands offer sky-high prices, but the quality is assured, while others provide budget-friendly pieces. Some offer wedding collections, while others make the best casual outfits.

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All you need to do is to find the brand that is made to fulfill your clothing requirements. Best of luck!

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