Shamael Ansari’s “Symposium of Queens” : A Solo Show

“The Symposium of Queens” is the grand title of Shamael Ansari’s solo show in London. Shamael Ansari’s brand stands out because the brand is not just about showing outfits. It revolves around the element of individuality that the brand is renown for. Each piece is sartorial; has its own story  and layers, not just in colours, silhouettes and craft but a third dimensional depth.

The Theme of the Collection:

“Ignite the stream of consciousness to empower yourself from the past, learning to present existence”. In simple terms, the collection is a juxtaposition between history and the present element of style.

When asked about the collection and why she chose to collaborate with the Citizens Foundation in London, the designer said:

“I collaborated with the citizens foundation with an idea that synchronizes with their mission. The empowerment of knowledge and education for women is an important aspect and close to my heart.”

About the Collection: 

Symposium of Queens, as the title suggests, is modelled after Queens of 3 different empires. Queen Elizabeth the First, from the Tudor era, representing the awakening of renaissance in the dark ages and it’s transformation to the Golden Age.



Noor Jehan, ‘Light of the World’, from the Mughal Era, considered a fashion icon of her time and a strategist power behind the throne.


And Lastly the Ottoman Queens, who moved from prison to palace as courage turned the tides for them and empowered them to turn a dated culture into an international melting pot of the Renaissance.


On her inspiration: 

“I choose to get inspired through learning. If I read the history of a personality it inspires me into colors. The courage of the queens inspires me into creating a completely different look. I place narratives in my show so people can learn and feel how I inspire myself. I drape mannequins for close looks so people can pay attention to eye of detail and read the textile narrative.I always think that the teamI workwith enjoy the originality, style, concepts and creations. Its actually multi dimensional,

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On her choice of location:

“I have chosen to go for a location that makes people feel the empowerment. When a women wears a Shamaeel outfit, she feels empowered.”



Behind the Scenes:

A Symposium of Queens has proven to be a hit in London, and we can’t wait to see the beautiful collection in person and everything else Shameel Ansari has in store for us.

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