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You’re on sale like any other off-season product when you sign up with a headhunter – the orthodox recruiter. How did you feel about yourself after this? Not good because you’re not a commodity for which an employer would bargain with the recruiting agency, letting you down as a talented software engineer. Alas! The YouTube video from Teeli shows this irony of recruitment. 

There is a piece of good news for you after all the degradation. An amazing company is here to help you break all the shackles and get the respect and value you deserve because you’ve worked hard to earn a degree in software engineering. It is ‘Remotebase’ we’re talking about. What you need to know about them first is that they don’t display you as an ‘employee for sale’ as others do. This piece of writing will talk about the problem Teeli has highlighted in their video. 

Let’s talk about the issues the video has highlighted, and what Remotebase is working against.

How Do Orthodox Recruiters and Employers Exploit You?

We are about to discuss below what Remotebase doesn’t do. They ensure that you’re respected and valued because they know how important an asset you are to them. The problems of medieval recruitment and employment highlighted below are taken from the video Teeli and Remotebase have created to expose those ill practices. 

Overworked & Underpaid 

As the video ‘Employee for Sale’ begins, it shows an employee from the recruitment agency telling his client – an HR manager – that he’s an overworked and underpaid headhunter. That demonstrates how employees in the old-fashioned software houses are treated – overworked and underpaid. Also, these firms frequently hunt for heads because of constant resignations of employees from companies that make them work overtime and treat them like commodities. 

Recruiters Selling ‘YES Men’

Employee for Sale is a perfect portrayal of recruitment agencies selling individuals to employers who also want ‘Yes Men’ working all the time without falling ill or taking rests. That’s what they don’t do at Remotebase. Instead, they find, hire, and train talented software engineers and place them with leading startups and companies in Silicon Valley, ensuring that you get a remote software development job that matches your skills and expertise. 

Treating You As ‘Seat Warmers’

One of the most degrading things orthodox and old-school recruiters and employers do to you is treat you as just another seat warmer. They don’t value the efforts you make and expect that you don’t even know basic human rights, let alone your rights as their employee. That tells you what you’re worth to them. 

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No Increment & Flexible Working, Just Excuses 

You must be familiar with a common excuse companies make that they suffered huge losses this year and can’t offer you an annual increment. One of the reasons is that they believe you want to be exploited; otherwise, you would have worked as freelance and remote developers. Also, this mindset makes them force you to come to the office every single day of the week, which means you can’t work from home and can’t even get maternity leaves in some companies. The only thing they do to keep you silent is to release your paycheck on time.

Well, that doesn’t happen when you work with Remotebase as they place you in Silicon Valley and US software companies, offering significant increments to every in-house and remote software engineer who works with them. 


One of the worst things these employers do is micro-managing their employees. They don’t allow their employees to work as freely as they please because they only accept the traditional method of working, while in reality, all that matters at the end of the day is that you’ve completed your tasks. This leads to toxic working environments, as sketched in the video from Teeli. 

All this makes us reiterate that joining Remotebase as a remote software engineer allows you to work free from all these burdens on your shoulders and roadblocks to your productivity. They place you in a company where you’re valued as an asset and get a competitive salary. They also offer health insurance for you and your parents because Remotebase knows you’re humans and need care. We’ll discuss the benefits of working with them in detail in another piece of writing. Stay with us. 

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