Prepping One Month Before The Wedding | Tips For Bride To Be’s

Tips For Bride To Be's

The time before the wedding is quite stressful for the brides because of the unlimited pending tasks! Without a doubt, this is the best time for the brides to enjoy themselves with their family so here are a few tips and tricks for the bride-to-be to prepare one month before the wedding.

Prep your hair

Pre-wedding stress is natural and one must work to get over it! If you like to get your hair colored or start getting hair treatments, the best time is now instead of waiting for the last moment. Hair treatments such as hair dye, extensions, and streaking take time to adjust. In case of any hair issues, consult your hair specialist to get it treated immediately. If you wish to leave your hair untouched, opt for hair spas to nourish your hair and lock moisture inside.

Regular Spa sessions

Every bride-to-be needs regular spa sessions to get relaxing and soothing treatments. There are bridal spa packages in salons that offer spa treatments to prepare your mind and body for the big day! To get a glowing look, it is one of the best ways to refresh yourself.


One can not stress the importance of drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day. It will not only keep you hydrated but will also help you maintain a beautiful glow. Stress and extra workload can make you exhausted therefore, you must ensure drinking sufficient water to make the skin look fresh!

Sleep Cycle

This is the best time to perfect your sleep cycle. Try getting at least 8 hours of sleep because it will make you fresh and also reduce stress levels. After all, getting beauty sleep is important to glow on your big day!

Salon Appointment

Considering the wedding season, salons are booked before the time. Remember to get your appointment way before time because of the tight schedule and visit the salon once to inquire about your desired look and how you wish to pursue it. It will not only satisfy you with the pre-wedding stress about looking good on the big day and will also make you more confident about your particular look.

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Don’t ignore your body

We keep on focusing on our faces and fail to realize that the body is equally important. One of the common mistakes bride-to-be’s tend to make is that they ignore their neck and regret on their big day. Don’t forget to scrub your neck frequently because your neck and shoulders are also seen in whatever you wear.

Dark circles

It is now the time to focus on your dark circles and puffiness. Thanks to tiredness, the bride to be’s suffer from under-eye bags due to lack of sleep and stress. It is important to relax and let your skin look fresh on the big day. Apart from getting good sleep and 8 glasses of water, massage your eye area with almond oil. Also, apply aloe vera in the morning and at night for dark circles and puffiness.

No matter, how many tips you read, the best one is to stay happy and enjoy the moment you are living because you will not get these days back!

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