Pakistan Bureau Of Statistics Conducts First-Ever Digital Census Of Pakistan


Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) launched the 7th Population and Housing Census as the first digital census of Pakistan with an option to self-enumerate through the (available till March 3, 2023) and started field operations from March 01, 2023, where enumerators (census field staff) will go door to door across Pakistan over a period of one month to collect census information or if self-enumerated then verify the information.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

Pakistan has entered a new era with this phenomenal and massive digitization of the census process and we as a nation are proud to be of this historic milestone. It is not only the first-ever digital census of Pakistan but also the largest of its kind in South Asia. Celebrities like Ahsan Khan and Sarwat Gilani are encouraging the public to enumerate too!


Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

The response so far to the self-enumeration option has been unexpectedly great, with almost 10 million people visiting the site so far. It was an option that was offered for the first time and the people welcomed the new approach, appreciating the ease and convenience.


This is no mean feat and the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics and its dynamic leadership, Chief Census Commissioner, Mr Naeeem uz Zafar, Member SSRM, Mr Muhammad Sarwar Gondal and women leaders like Ms Rabia Awan, supported by hardworking teams across the country deserve a standing ovation.


The objective to conduct the census digitally is to ensure transparency, wider acceptability of census results and expedite the census results.  The digitization process of the census has been a long and arduous journey, overcoming many challenges. Innovation is never easy, but in a country like Pakistan, rife with ever-evolving changes economically, politically, and environmentally, it is even harder to bring in technology transformation at the width and breath that Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has managed in this short time, and they truly deserve the accolades they are receiving.

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The Bureau is supported by sincere endeavors from partners and stakeholders at the federal, provincial and district level, including NADRA, for technology support and Armed Forces, for security.

The digital innovation of the census includes the self-enumeration portal, a helpline supported through a dedicated call centre, use of handheld devices for door-to-door information collection, GIS tracking and geo-tagging among many others.

Along with demographic and housing characteristics data, this digital census has some additional features like geo-tagging of all the structures and buildings used for residential and economic activities and collection of data of economic activities as per international classification to utilize it as frame to conduct much awaited economic census in the country. The additional features of the census will provide basis for evidence-based policy, planning and decision making to ensure good governance as well as to determine diversity, expansion and share of various economic activities in our economy which is pivotal to ensure prosperity of the nation.

The citizens of Pakistan are the most important stakeholders and beneficiaries of the census. The success of the digitized census lies in their full participation. The census is not only our moral duty but our legal obligation, it is an opportunity to provide information that will inform evidence base policy planning for ensuring rights and better service delivery at our doorstep.


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