Zahid Ahmed Gets Candid About Using Drugs & Why He Stopped

Zahid Ahmed is a remarkable actor who has made a name for himself in the industry with his great performance in the drama serial “Ishq Zahe Naseeb”. His acting prowess and experimental roles have really put him on the map. But one more thing that he is becoming increasingly popular for is his ability to tear down the facade. He has been candid about his drastic weight loss and nose job that went bad in the past and has now opened up about his drug usage.

In a recent interview with veteran model and actress Iffat Omar on her web show, Zahid Ahmed once again opened up about his marriage, his career and his drug usage.

“I’ve used hash a lot in my life. Now by the grace of God, I’ve quit. I think people need to stop pretending,” he shared. “The world has changed and you can’t run from reality. In Karachi, we have the highest rate of marijuana consumption in the world. We should talk about drug consumption. My sons will be teenagers in a decade and they’ll use it because it’s so common.”

In the world of entertainment where stars usually try to maintain a facade, Zahid Ahmed has opened up about his usage of hash.

He went on to add, “We need to stop trying to balance it in between good and bad deeds. The biggest debate is that using hash and marijuana isn’t haram. So, I just want to raise awareness with my experience that it doesn’t make anything better in your life either.”

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Normally, people tend to use drugs either for recreational reasons or to be able to get an escape from their lives. He said “I realised that God has given me everything. He gave me a successful career that I dreamt of even though I wasn’t very religious. He also gave me an extremely supportive partner and two beautiful kids. So what did I need to run from. Then I realised that He was testing me by giving me everything. I realised it after I gave up using hash that if I try to get away from things now then I’m being extremely ungrateful,” he said.

We commend him for his candidness, and hope that teenagers and our society in general starts talking about drug awareness and the need to move away from them.

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