Yasir Hussain Pays Tribute to Pakistan’s Living Legends in the Sweetest Way

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Yasir Hussain is not one to hold back when it comes to social media, for better or for worse. But this time, it’s definitely for the better!

Following the tragic passing of legendary actors Rishi Kapoor and Irfan Khan, Hussain took to his instagram account to pay tribute to the fallen stars by posting their portraits :


Following these posts, Yasir Hussain began a series of pictures that aimed to honour Pakistan’s living legends, saying “ Zaroori nahi k sirf unki tasweeren lagai jaen jo chaly gaye hain . jo zinda hain aur Allah unhain lambi umer de hamary legend real super star hain unhain bhi yaad kia ja sakta hai.” This included Nadeem Baig, Rahat Kazmi and Bushra Ansari:


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A sweet and thoughtful act done by Yasir Hussain to remind everyone about the legends living among us and how it’s not too late to appreciate all the talent our country holds. Kudos!

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