Nabila Leads the Pack By Setting the Strictest of Safety Measures in All Her Salons

Pakistan’s leading makeup artists, Nabila, has been making waves and setting precedence for all salon owners by setting strict safety and hygiene guidelines  in all her salons, in preparation for when they open in the future. Nabila has taken the responsibility of changing the face of salons in Pakistan so customers can enjoy all their favourite and sometimes necessary beauty services, without putting themselves or others in danger of contracting the novel Coronavirus.

The hair and makeup connoisseur is truly raising the bar, and raising the bar high by providing a safe space with a superior level of sanitisation and hygiene.

“Everyone in the world is suffering at the moment. Businesses and income is at a complete stand still. Specially in the services industry, we are suffering the most.”, the makeup mogul said.

“Things look really grim with no visibility or solution in sight. We all have a choice, we can either live in a circle of concern, freak out, watch news and wait for things to happen or we can live in our circle influence and take full charge.”

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She continued, “Being an optimist I will choose the latter.While mother nature is rebooting, I will take a fierce inventory of my personal & professional life and make amends. I will reflect, rethink and reinvent a way forward. I will research, learn and find a new way of working. I will raise the bar!”

We commend Nabila for this initiative that plans to practice a form of social distancing without letting life come to a standstill. We hope all salons take note and follow the same steps to protect their workers as well as their customers, while providing the best services in these trying times.

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