Sindh Government Decides to Convert Karachi’s Expo Center Into a 10,000 Bed Isolation Centre

Karachi has been hit bad with the rising cases of Coronavirus in the city. But the provincial government has been taking proactive measures to take control of the spread of the virus. The Sindh government is going to convert the Karachi Expo Centre into a 10,000-bed hospital to deal with the spread. This was decided during a meeting of the provincial task force.

During the meeting, Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah suggested making a makeshift hospital with one hall of the Expo Centre which will be extended as needed.

What’s also amazing is that the CM Sindh also directed the authorities to distribute two million grocery bags among needy families through leading business people in the province, and welfare organizations. He hoped that the effort will ease the worries of daily wagers who are concerned about food availability during the lockdown. This proactiveness and support to the people gives us hope that the governance in Karachi has their ducks in a row.

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The distribution of groceries will be done phase-wise. In the first phase, one month’s grocery items will be distributed among needy people. Each bag will consist of flour, rice, three kinds of pulses, ghee, sugar, tea bags, dry milk, and spices. This will ensure that while the city is on lockdown, the poor and needy that earn a daily wage do not die of starvation.

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