Serial Child Rapist, Abdul Rehman, Arrested After He Raped & Killed a 10 Year Old Boy in Lahore

A child’s innocence is precious. It often helps adults see the good in the world where there might be very little to begin with. That’s why it must be protected. Time and time again, we have heard news of young, innocent children being raped, be they girls or boys. The predators out there have continued to rob innocent children of their innocence, and even their lives in most cases.

Sahil, an organisation working for children rights, recently reported that out of the total 2,846 cases of crimes against children in the country last year, 53% were reported from Punjab. This is an alarming situation for every parent, adult and human in this country.

In Ramzan, only a few days before Eid, a ten year old boy, Ghulam Mustafa, was found dead in a toilet of an unde-construction plaza after being sexually assaulted at the outskirts of Johar Town, Lahore. Mustafa who was the only son and a resident of Samsani village fell victim to one of the most gut wrenching crimes. The tragic incident took place in the last week of Ramzan.

The complaint registered at the Nawab Town police station by Anwar Hameed of Samsani Village stated that his wife sent their son to buy food for iftari. Upon finding the shop closed, the child’s cousin who was accompanying him at the time came back while Ghulam Mustafa went on to try his luck at another neighboring shop but did not return home. The family started searching for the child some time after and discovered the mutilated¬† body in a construction site nearby.

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The police responded and the body was shifted to the morgue for an autopsy. Forensic evidence and witness testimony was also collected from the scene of the crime.
The Chief Minister took personal notice of the incident and the accused Abdul Rehman was later arrested, he has since confessed to the crime. Here is a video of the rapist confessing to the heinous crime:

CM Buzdar has since directed that action should be initiated against the accused according to prevailing law and the highest penalty be awarded. CM buzdar also personally condoled the family members and promised justice for the heinous crime. We hope that this is not mere lip service and actual laws are put in place to help protect the young ones who simply cannot protect themselves.

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