Russian Jeweller Reveals Coronavirus Pendant to Ward Off the Disease (& Even Vampires)

According to a jewellery maker in Russia, this Coronavirus pendant can act as a talisman to save you from the virus? Unbelievable? We thought so too. Read on.

Photos of the pendant went — ahem — viral on Russian social media over the weekend, sparking mixed reactions from the public. Pavel Vorobyov, a jeweller from the city of Kostroma 335 kilometers northeast of Moscow, insists that he designed the pendant as a gesture of support for doctors and not to exploit the health crisis for money.

No matter what he says – it does seem a bit crass and even…thoughtless to make a jewellery item out of something that has already cost so many people their loved ones. However, he insists that “Our purpose and mission with this project is to support our doctors,” Vorobyov, the owner of the Doctor Vorobyov jewelry brand, told the Govorit Moskva radio station Sunday. “It can be a talisman or some kind of amulet for them, a symbol of victory over the virus.”

What’s even more surprising is that the pendant has seen a high demand with them already having sold 1,000 pieces across the world. The pendant, which costs 1,000 rubles ($12), is made of pure silver, which “kills all germs (and vampires, as well),” Doctor Vorobyov said in an Instagram post — just in case you happen to have a vampire problem.

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