Lahore-Based Company Creates ‘Splitter’ To Increase Ventilator’s Capacity

During the outbreak of Coronavirus, even the most developed countries with the most advanced health systems, like those in Italy, have been experiencing tremendous shortage in medical supplies. Since the coronavirus attacks the lungs ultimately, there has been a growing concern about the shortage of ventilators with the rise of Coronavirus patients around the world.

Coming to Pakistan’s aide, a private engineering firm in Pakistan has found an out-of-the-box solution, which would allow multiple patients to use just one ventilator simultaneously. Alpha Rubber and Plastic Works, a Lahore-based company which manufactures auto parts, has developed a splitter which connects to the ventilator hoses and supplies oxygen to two to four patients at once and may be used multiple times.

The 3D printer techonology was being used to manufacture the splitters – but due to the high cost and time consuming procedure, it was difficult to produce a large number in a day. “Now we are manufacturing 1,000 ventilator connectors daily which is being supplied to various government and private hospitals in Punjab,” said Osama Usman, head of the private firm.

What’s more interestign is that this development of the ventilator connectors are being made in our country, making us the second country to acquire this technology after the United States.

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Another amazing news is that Osama said he is providing splitters to the hospitals free of charge and would supply this to the entire country if he was approached. “I can supply connectors to the entire country and world free of charge,” he added.

It’s incredibly heartwarming to see people innovate and come up with amazing new ways of helping people out during this pandemic. After all, we’re all in this together!

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