Reem Sharif Will be the First Member of the Transgender Community to Become A Policewoman

History has been made with Rawalpindi Police’s decision to appoint the first transgender policewoman.

Reem Sharif, a prominent transgender rights activist in Islamabad, is breaking barriers by achieving her goal of being enlisted in Pakistan’s police force.

“ I am glad to be in this position. Through this, I will have the option to deal with some of the most serious issues faced by my transgender community”, she stated. “I knew I needed to live my life and be true to who I was. I desire to be honest with myself, and that was coming out as a transgender woman,” Sharif added.

We hope to see more and more positions being filled by the minorities of this country. It’s about time they are recognised as irreplaceable members of our country and given the rights they deserved since day one.

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Kudos to Rawalpindi Police for this monumental decision.

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