‘Imam’ Confesses to Raping & Murdering 11 Year Old Boy

Out of all the forms of ‘behayi’ present in Pakistani society, the rape and murder of children will forever be the most atrocious.

Most recently, a man who at first glance would be considered pious and religious because of his position as an Imam and his long beard, that for some reason is synonymous with Islam in this country, has confessed on video to luring an 11 year old boy to a room and raping and strangling him to death.

The video will leave you shaken:

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The supposed Imam does not show one morsel of regret as he describes in detail how he swayed a poor child into a private room without being detected by others in the residence.

When will this end? When will the worst criminals in society be held responsible for the crimes committed against the most innocent of us all, little children? Watch as this fiend describes his crime and further continues to say that Allah will forgive him. Why is the police who holds him captive showing him an ounce of mercy? This heinous man should be treated like the monster he is and justice should be swift and ruthless.

It’s about time the worst forms of behayi be focused on, rather than the continuous attack on womankind. Pedophiles, child mollesters , rapists and murderers are what’s wrong with society. May Allah protect all our children and keep them away from the hands of these fiends.

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