Rain Wreaks Havoc in Karachi: Celebs Speak Out

Structural collapse, over 23 lives lost, power outages, urban flooding and the deplorable sight of waste flowing on the roads, and the non-stop pouring of rain have wreaked havoc on the streets of Karachi, leaving it in shambles. The monsoon rain and the damage it causes is nothing new for the city of Karachi. And despite the forecast of monsoon rains and urban flooding in Karachi, it appears the authorities, at least, failed to take adequate steps to address these entirely predictable problems.

As the videos and pictures of floods in Karachi overwhelm the internet, celebs took to social media to address the urban flooding and the subsequent need for government action, requiring better drainage and infrastructure for the metropolitan city.

Ayesha Omar

Ali Rehman Khan

Wasim Akram

Shaniera Akram 

Urwa Hocane 

Ayeza Khan

Faysal Qureshi

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Ushna Shah


Shahid Afridi

While some celebs pointed out the complete incompetence of the government and their predecessors in ever managing the drainage problems in Karachi, others wanted to move on from the blame game and for the people to come together, and do all that they can.


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