Karachi Flood Relief: 5 Organisations to Donate to NOW!

This is a time when the entire country has to pull together and save the City of Lights. The urban flooding in Karachi has devastated both the rich and poor, and what we see on the internet is only a small percentage of it. There are those colonies and slums that have been swept away by the rain – leading to major structural damages, power outages and little room to breathe.

Our country has been through several natural calamities together -especially the devastating earthquakes, and more than the government, the people have always come together to lend a helping hand. This time is no different.

We have compiled a list of organisations that are working diligently towards helping the flood affectees in Karachi. Here is a list of the ones you can and should donate to NOW – please remember that they need your help now more than ever before:

1.Noble Foundation

2.Edhi Foundation

Always the first to respond in a time of crisis, you can always trust that your donation is well received and properly utilised in helping the poor, the needy and the affectees.

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3.Youth Interactive Alliance

Serving it’s constituents (The People) with the power vested in them, as the Youth and future generation of Pakistan, this organisation’s member, Yahya Ahmed, was one of the first few charity organisations to be personally on site in areas where there is more “kacchi abadi”. He visited Machar Colony where his video showed the level of rain water to be all the way up till his knees (inside people’s houses). Here is a video of his relief efforts:

You can contact him on 0334-2579114 to find out how you can donate

4.Corona Ration Project

After working tirelessly during the peak of Coronavirus in Pakistan, this charity organisation has now taken up the project of flood relief. Please donate and help them help others.

5.Apna Dastarkhwan

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This small initiative is to serve those who need their help to combat the hunger and thus create a world where no poor goes to bed hungry. Always ready to serve in times of crisis, this charity organisation has now started working on not only feeding the poor, but also aiding them in draining water from their homes and providing any immediate medical attention required.

The top 5 organisations are vetted and we truly believe in their cause. Please come together for the beautiful people of our beloved city of Karachi. Donate, however small or big – because every little penny makes a difference.





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