Mahira Khan’s Mother Roasts her During a Live Ramazan Transmission and Reminds Us of All Desi Moms

It is no secret that Mahira Khan’s mother has a stellar sense of humour. Before, we only knew this through stories told by Mahira Khan, but now, we have evidence!

Mahira Khan made an appearance on Jeeto Pakistan League as a celebrity guest, along with Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui and Waseem Badami.

When host Fahad Mustafa asked Mahira’s mother, through a live telephone call, what Adnan Siddiqui was doing wrong on the show, she replied, “Yeh mujhe nahi pata magar meri beti nihayat confused insaan hai ”, sending all present into fits of laughter.

“Yeh jhoot bol rahe hai. Yeh nihayat jhooti insaan hai. She’s just going to confuse you.”, she continued to which Adnan Siddiqui replied, “Thank you Aunty. You made my day.”

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It’s great to see a superstar’s mom is just like every other desi mom, poking fun and joking around with her kids. Watch the full episode below:


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