Juggun Kazim Shares Beauty & Weight Loss Hacks Using Lemon

Juggun Kazim is a talented host who has a popular Youtube channel too. She has often given tips and easy hacks related to beauty before too. In her latest video, she told her followers all the magical ways one can use lemon for beauty and weight loss.

Shed the Extra Kilos with a Special Lemon Drink:

All you need to do, according to Juggun, is “Take water and add lemon in it. Take this drink after every meal and you will find a major difference.”

Lemon for Lightening Dark Knees & Elbows:

If your knees and elbows are dark then take 2 tablespoons coconut oil mix it with the juice of one lemon. Combine all the ingredients and use it on your knees and elbows to get rides of darkness and dryness.”

Natural Toner for Oily Skin:

We know how important toner is for your skin. Especially if you have an oily skin, the toner works like magic in the Summer. Juggun Kazim shared the method of making simple toner to keep skin fresh.

Take water in a bowl to add lemon juice and if you want a fresh smell then add peppermint. Take shower bottle and add all the ingredients and keep it inside the fridge. Spray this mixture twice or thrice a day to control oil and refresh your skin.

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We love natural hacks for both beauty and weight loss. Try them and let’s use this downtime to pamper ourselves.


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