Yuvraj Singh & Harbhajan Singh Face Backlash for Supporting Shahid Afridi’s Charity Work for COVID-19

These cricketers might have been on the opposite sides when on the field, but when it comes to supporting each other, a real sportsman always comes through. In the wake of this global pandemic, the world is coming together to help each other out. Despite who you are, where you come from and what you do in life, the world is coming together to lend a helping hand.

The Indian cricketers, Yuvraj Singh & Harbhajan Singh tweeted in support of Shahid Afridi’s charity work for COVID-19.

Even though this thoughtful gesture was met with praise from Pakistan, some Indians were not pleased. In fact, people took to Twitter to slam the two cricketers.

Here’s how the world reacted to their tweets: some lost their love and respect for the cricketers, some accused them of being paid to do this, while others went so far as to accuse Shahid Afridi’s foundation of being a terrorist organisation.

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Despite the backlash, the cricketers showed restraint & continued to preach the message of unity, love and peace.

Whether the world realizes or not, we’re all in this together. It’s not a fight any country can fight alone. United we stand, divided we all.


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