It’s Pisces Season | Here’s All You Need To Know!


Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the zodiac that starts from 19th February to 20th March. The symbol of the zodiac sign is a fish and the element is water. Every particular zodiac sign has its own significance and particular traits that are exclusive of those possessing the Pisces sign.

Here are all the secrets you need to know about the personality traits of Pisces!

Personality Traits

Some of the best personality traits of Pisces include them being compassionate, emotional, and also empathic. Those possessing the Pisces sign are on a whole different level of being emotional and are some of the most magical people that one might meet.

Overly Emotional

One of the traits of Pisces is that they’re overly emotional. You can consider them as your personal therapist who will not judge you for what you say or do but will always be there to listen to you. They are very emotional and may end up crying.


Another interesting personality trait is that they’re very romantic and love to fall in love. The water sign is considered to be an old school romantic who has a dreamy, idealistic perspective. They always have a rosy illusion about love.


Another characteristic of Pisces is that they are very imaginative and creative. They always think outside of the box and continue creating illusions that are unique and artistic. The people possessing the Pisces sign are always drawn toward the arts.

Self pity

One of the worst personality traits of Pisces includes self pity and despair. This is primarily because of their overly emotional nature which wades them to depths of hopelessness and pessimism.

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Some of the activities and hobbies that Pisces are into include writing as they observe a lot and are also fascinated by self expression, they are into writing and being poetic. Other hobbies include being related to water. Activities like surfing, swimming, or fishing are likely to make them happy. Some of the other hobbies include partying and having fun. Despite the overly emotional nature of Pisces, they are always up for having fun.


As far as the compatibility of Pisces is concerned, they get along with a few other zodiac signs. The water sign trio includes Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. All of them get along with each other well as they are secretive, emotional, and intuitive. Other than this, the love life of Pisces is likely to go well with Capricorn because of the concept that opposites attract. One really needs a Pisces friend in life as they truly understand us well!

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