Is Meera Jee About to Be Arrested?

On Monday, Lahore local court issued arrest warrants for veteran actress Meera and her husband Captain Naveed for not appearing before the court on an assigned date.

According to reports, Meera Jee and her husband were scheduled to appear before the Lahore local court in regards to the leaked video of the couple, which they failed to do so.

A citizen of Lahore had filed a petition in the Sessions Court against the pornographic video of actress Meera and Captain Naveed, in which it was stated that the video is against ethics and Islamic teachings and its release all over the world has been a disgrace for the dignity of the country.

During the last hearing of the case, the court had ordered Meera to appear in person on Monday.

However, despite the summons of the court, the actress and Captain Naveed did not appear and no reply was submitted by their lawyers in this regard.Now, the court has issued warrants for both and ordered an immediate arrest.

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