In Pictures: April’s Pink Supermoon

Even though we’re all in lockdown, we got to witness something pretty amazing last night. Last night’s ‘pink supermoon,’ astronomically known as perigee-syzygy, was the biggest and brightest full moon of the year as its orbit drew it closest to the earth at some 221,856 miles. In other words, it was the brightest lunar event on the 2020 calendar and it happens when the moon reaches the closest point to Earth on its 27-day orbit while it is full.

Why is it Called the “Pink” Supermoon?

It is not its colour that earned it the title “pink moon.” Rather, the date coincides with the bloom of a wildflower in the northern regions of the United States and Canada. The moon is actually more golden, silver or yellow, depending on atmospheric conditions.

What’s more incredible are the amazing pictures that emerged from around the globe:

Behind the Empire State in New York City, lit to honor COVID-19 health workers on April 7
In Minsk, Belarus,
Behind sculptures entitled Seven Magic Mountains by artist Ugo
The supermoon rises behind Rocca Calascio castle in L’Aquila, Italy
Rising over Canary Wharf, London
Rising above the Highway 509 bridge over the Thea Foss Waterway in Tacoma, Washington
General view of the Super Pink Moon behind New York City

Did you witness this last night?

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