Iffat Omar Calls Out the Nepotism in Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry

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Following the suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, every actor and director who promotes star kids, who aren’t always necessarily talented, have come under fire from the public for playing a hand in his death. While it’s no secret nepotism is rife in India’s film industry, with every other actor being related to each other some way or the other, our very own Iffat Omar has pointed out the Nepotism in Pakistan’s film and entertainment industry:

Some followers defended the Pakistani industry and named a handful of artists who joined the industry without a big name backing them, and held their own because of their talent:

While others agreed with the former supermodel:

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And some asked for naming and shaming:

While there is no denying Pakistan can boast actors and artists who have no big names backing them, there is also no denying the rampant nepotism that does exist in the industry as well. Our industry does fare a better chance than the Bollywood film industry in nurturing talent regardless of their last name, just look at Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan for example, but does that mean there should be room for nepotism at all?

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