“I Believe in the Power of Giving”: Yasmin Karimi Donates 5% of Her Sales to OneMillionMeals

Yasmin Karimi, a name that is renowned in the world of beauty for their hair and skincare lines. The brand, and the woman behind it, stepped up during these uncertain times of the pandemic. Staying true to the ethos of the brand which is “giving back”, Karimi donated 5% of her sales to OneMillionMeals who have been tirelessly working to feed the NHS staff and other health workers.

In times like these, it is not the characters with capes that are our real heroes, but those that are wearing scrubs and fighting on the frontlines of this virus. And then there are those unsung heroes that continue in their unfaltering support to donate, and keep the cycle of giving back in motion. Karimi is one such woman.

She has donated 260 meals as of now to OneMillionMeals. “I chose OneMillionMeals because I trusted the organisation which was the most important thing for me. It is all well and good to make donations with good intentions, but where does that charity money go? I don’t like giving it to big organisations because I don’t really trust where the money goes. And this is why I wanted to really, really donate to a charity that was helping people during this pandemic. Since I live in the UK, I wanted to support OneMillionMeals because of their relentless efforts in feeding and supporting the NHS staff”.

However, this is not the first time that Yasmin Karimi has pledged a portion of her sales to a meaningful mission. In fact, “1% of each sale goes towards helping an orphan’s life become beautiful”. That is the YK way of doing business, and we are all for it.

Karimi started off her brand with a hair line – with all the magical ingredients and recipes that had been passed down from generations in her family. As a young girl, she was enchanted by the sight of women mixing herbs and oils together, and then using it over their hair overnight. That, is where the inspiration came for, for this young businesswoman.

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The brand started back in 2014, and has now flourished into a full blown skincare and body care line too. Even though the brand evolved, and grew, the spiritual essence of the brand remained the same for Karimi. “The entire process of formulating a product is very technical and  mathematical – but I take my intuition and gut feeling along for a ride. For me, apart from the mechanical process, I believe that the intention is extremely important in creating something that is effective. When I am making a serum for curing people that suffer from acne, I carry that intention through the formulation process and all the way to the end product.”

The transformative and healing powers of her brand resonate deeply with her clientele and she continues to make a name for herself in the competitive beauty industry.

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