Hadiqa Kiani Releases Song to Commemorate Kashmiri Martyrs

Hadiqa kiani has collaborated with Ali Tolga, a singer of Turkish descent to release a track that is dedicated to the Kasmiri martyrs and the martyrs of the coup attempt in Turkey in 2016. The video opens with a message ” In everlasting memory of our beloved martyrs: July 13, 1931 Kashmir Martyr’s Day, July 15 2016, Failed Turkish Coup Attempt.”

The track is titled Daimi Bahar, literally translated into “Eternal Spring”. The lyrics are primarily Turkish with some stanzas being in Urdu. Hadiqa’s beautiful vocals tackle both languages with ease and ensnare the listener with the ethereal quality of her voice. The video pans between scenes from the Kashmir Movement and images and clips from the time of the failed Turkish coup attempt of 2016.

The beautiful duet comes together in complete harmony with the visuals and project the love and hope that that the two countries show each other and the pain that they feel for those who have left us.

Talking to the media, Kiani mentioned her days of international tours when she would always sing one song in the host nations national language and during her 2005 tour to Turkey that she actually performed this track at
Atatürk Cultural Center Opera House in Istanbul.

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Here’s the video of the song:

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