From Ghost Town to Goat Town: Wild Goats Takeover Welsh Town

Mountain goats are staging the most adorable takeover in Llandundno amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns due to it.

Llandundo in Wales, UK, has been overrun by a group of wild mountain goats resulting from the lack of human activity due to the lockdowns in place.The goats have been spotted in the town center, in front of churches and even nibbling on hedges in front lawns. The animals are part of a wild herd of more than 100 Kashmiri goats that live around the nearby Great Orme headland, BBC News reported.

The creatures have been providing plenty of entertainment for people in the town, with videos and photos of the bold goats popping up social media.

One town native who also works for the Manchester Evening News is delighted by the arrival of the goats and took to twitter to celebrate his ‘goat overlords’:

Town Councillor Carol Marubbi says the town is “very proud” of the goats and that their antics have been “free entertainment” to citizens as they remain inside.

If only our people would follow the lockdown this strictly so we too could have the chance to be entertained by some wildlife or the other!


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