Feroze Khan Reveals he was Offered the Role of Danish in ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’

Feroze Khan, who recently announced he has quit the showbiz industry to focus on Islam, made an appearance on Waseem Badami’s show, which has been giving us new insights into every celebrity situation imaginable.

Once again, through the show, we have learned that before Humayun Saeed embraced the role of Danish in MPTH and made it his own, Feroze Khan was offered the part.

The actor revealed KUQ was not happy with Khan’s acting fee and therefore passed on casting him as the ever popular Danish. 

Khan also revealed KUQ probably doesn’t take a shine to him as Khan is not one of those actors who is always calling KUQ for a role in a drama scripted by him.

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The former actor also sang praises for both his sisters, Dua Malick and Humaima Malick, as well as labelling Hamza Ali Abbasi as his brother.

When asked about his views on Aurat March, Khan replied ‘Not my idea.’, which seems to suggest he opposes it. Watch the full interview below:

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