Atif Aslam’s Rendition of ‘Wohi Khuda Hai’ Left This Vocal Coach in Tears

Justin Burke is an American vocal coach, singer and song writer who has gained massive popularity on Youtube through his videos depicting his reactions to famous songs and singers.

With xxx subscribes and millions of hits on his channel, Burke has recently begun to gain popularity amongst the South Asian community by reacting to famous Pakistani and Indian songs and singers.

One such singer in Pakistan is Atif Aslam. While we know Atif Aslam has been blessed with a voice like no one before, it is great to see him receive International recognition as well. Watch:


Burke was moved to tears! And we can relate. Atif Aslam himself responded to the video, expressing his appreciation:

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Burke’s comments section was filled with praise for the Pakistani singer, which filled our hearts with a whole lot of pride:

Check out the California based vocal coach’s channel on youtube to see more videos of him reacting to more Pakistani singers and feel proud!

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