Atif Aslam Plays Guitar with His Adorable Son

Pakistan’s favourite rockstar, Atif Aslam, introduced his youngest son in a live session. Atif can be seen trying to balance both the guitar and his adorable son while the father-son duo put on a live show for the audience. And well, what can we say – we couldn’t stop “Aww-ing”.

Out of all of his live sessions, Atif Aslam playing with his youngest son, especially the part where they are both drumming on the guitar is the cutest thing we’ve seen on the internet so far. We, along with Atif, only got more and more amused as his son started trying to follow his beats. In the end, of course, the child went straight for the strings, at which point Atif had to intervene and stop him from pulling at them. But all in all, it has to be a heart warming sight.

We hope that the little one follows in his daddy’s footsteps into a musical career.

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