Amber Nasir, Who Lost Her Brother in PIA Crash, Shames Officials for Mismanagement & Mistreatment of Families

A few days before Eid, Pakistan underwent one of the most tragic events – the crash of PK 3808 only minutes before it had to land. It left a dark shadow on the joyous and auspicious occasion of Eid as the entire country reeled from the aftermath of such heartbreaking loss.

It has now come to attention that the way the situation is being handled is rather poor. The families of the victims, already distressed from the loss, are finding it difficult to reach out to officials, due to a lack of proper protocol. They feel humiliated and unheard. One such woman, is Amber Nasir, who took to social media to release a video explaining the ordeal that her, and many such families have been experiencing in the aftermath of the crash, in the search of their loved ones.

Through her video, she has not only brought to light the irregularities of the government but has also shamed them for the way they have chosen to mistreat the families of the victims.

Here is her caption of the video:

“Our journey of trying to find the body of our beloved brother..our journey was made torturous by the flawed corrupt system and authorities. Our national flight carrier doesn’t even have a protocal/policies/systems to handle such horrific tragedies. Shame on you! Family that has already been shattered by the loss of their son, has been further heartbroken by the treatment of authorities!”

“Today is the 29th of May, last Friday, at this time we heard the first bulletin about the crash. Our heart got shattered when we heard that our brother Mirza Waheed Shah Baig is in the flight. Although the incident happened 7 days ago, till now no government official has approached us; no one helped us. No system was launched to help us and people like us who are finding their loved ones.”

“Tough PIA is an international airline yet it of our own country’s airline. Have they never made any mechanism to handle such an incident?”, she questioned. Telling about her endeavors she said, “Total and complete mismanagement of all the departments.”

She added, “Neither the police nor hospital or bureaucracy none of them helped us.” Explaining mismanagement she said, “Wherever we are going we’re witnessing miscommunication;  zero collaboration among the departments. They are lying which is misleading and perplexing us. There is absolutely no leadership. No one is willing to accept responsibility; no one is willing to coordinate, we do not know where to go. Above all, they are mistreating us where ever we have gone no one talked to us with care but with a bad attitude.”

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“We have lost our brother it was in Allah’s hands but how the relatives of deceases witnessed insult, it is on the shoulders of authorities,” she said.

“We hold you accountable who is coming for our help, Mr. Arif who himself is heartbroken and finding his own family. The work which is of a government official, a heartbroken father is performing those duties. We only want to resolve this issue on war-footings. As per our information, around 13 to 15 bodies have been delivered to relatives without DNA verification. Besides, she requested to find out the way to “speed up this process.”

It is heartbreaking to see how the families are struggling in the process of locating and identifying their loved ones. We hope that the government takes notice and does a better job at helping out the families.

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