Aima Baig Says She Does Not Want To Be Like Ariana Grande

At first glance, one can confuse Aima Baig with Ariana Grande – and looks like others can too. Maybe it really is just about the hairdo that makes the two look incredibly similar. However, Aima Baig has recently spoken up about this, saying that she does NOT want to be like the singer & song writer, Ariana Grande.

The singer has finally addressed the matter in a live session on her Instagram page. Baig said that just a pony and a liner like her don’t make me like Ariana Grande. “I don’t even want to be like Ariana Grande,” she added.

“I love her. Her vocals are the biggest inspiration for me. I love her style. But I also love Hania’s style. Sometimes I love Selina’s style, Momina’s style,” she went on to say.

Aima Baig said, “If you’re copying someone else’s style, it doesn’t mean that you’re copying that person completely.”

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“It’s ok kay ager aap kisi kay style ko copy kar rahay ho (if you’re copying someone else’s style). It doesn’t mean that you’re copying that person completely. You’re just being inspired by that one person and you wanna try it on yourself and see how you look.”

Like all celebs out there, she too finds herself on the receiving end of mean jokes, memes and a whole lot of hate. However, she braves it all with a whole lot of strength. “If that makes you guys happy or laugh then that’s the least I can do for you all. So go ahead Laugh out loud”. We just have to say, this makes Aima Baig a good sport!

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